I just checked my donation page and saw that I am up to 800 dollars. I am in complete shock and disbelief. I even started crying, especially when I thought about a lot of people must really care about me. Throughout this whole ordeal I have been trying my best to stay positive. It gets really hard, sometimes I get sad and cry because I don’t know what my future holds, other times I get angry because  I don’t understand why this happened to me or what did I do wrong to deserve this. I just get so frustrated and I feel so alone at times. The fact that so many people, some I don’t even know are donating to help me get better… I can’t even begin to put into words how grateful I am. So many people are reaching out to me, giving me really helpful information, sending me links to other programs that may be able to help me… Just a lot of support. It really does mean the world to me. I would never wish this upon anyone, it will probably be the hardest thing (I hope) I ever have to go through. I am still in shock as to how many people have reached out to help me. You guys are making me stronger, and I really do feel as if I am no longer fighting this alone. I have put my faith in God to get me through this, and having everyone there for me… I can’t express my gratitude enough. I am no longer  fighting to get better just for me now. I am fighting of my family, my friends, and everyone who has supported me along the way. I haven’t figured out a way to thank everyone properly, because I feel that a simple thank you isn’t good enough for you guys. I have also decided that since so many people are helping me I am going to help others too. If it comes down to me loosing my hair, before it happens I am going to cut it all off myself and donate it to locks of love. It’s the least I can do to pass on the help I am receiving. I don’t have money to donate, my blood is useless so I can’t even do that, but I will figure something out. I want everyone that is reading this and helping me get through this awful and difficult period in my life that I love you, and I would never have been able to even try to fight this on my own. You guys may be the reason I make it through this, and there is no amount of money in the world that could replace what you have all done for me so far. I will pray for all of you in hopes that this never has to be something you go through, and if this does happen to someone I know, God willing  I will be able to be there of you the way you were there for me.



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